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All of your vendors on one order guide.  We automatically compare the prices.

You Save Money and Time.

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Ditch the pen and paper

  • SAVE MONEY - Kitchify's proprietary product matching software matches your products across all of your vendors so you can easily compare prices                                                                                                
  • SAVE TIME - One click ordering to all of your vendors at once from your digital order guide                                                                                                  
  • DISCOVER NEW PRODUCTS - Running specials has never been easier with our entire market search for products
No contracts.  Cancel anytime.
No downloading or importing spreadsheets every day.
When you log in to Kitchify, your products are all there for you and your prices for that day are already compared between your vendors.  
Worried about how long it will take for you to set up?  
Don't be.  Send us your order guide and we'll build it for you with the exact products you currently purchase.  
Stop leaving money on the table every order and sign up for Kitchify today!


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Come see what has chefs saying:

'This is the most interesting technology I have seen in quite some time'

'The only thing that I don't like about Kitchify is that I didn't create it.'

'This product will save me hours of time per month.'

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Real-Time Price Comparison


Your digital order guide will be built by your assigned Account Executive in the exact same order as your current in-house ordering guide with the products you currently purchase.

From there, let Kitchify do the rest as it shows you real time pricing of identical products, similar substitutions, and other available pack sizes that you can substitute and order with the click of a button.

Saving money has never been easier.    



Save Time Through Multi-Vendor Ordering


Get back to doing what you love in the kitchen, and stop wasting hours per week on the phone trying to source new products or check prices.  

With Kitchify, you order from all of your vendors from one digital order guide and easily search and add new products to it.


Track Products 

Kitchify tracks your specific price for every product you purchase over time so you can keep up with market fluctuations and keep food costs down. 




Technology For The Kitchen

There's plenty of technology in the Front of House, but now Kitchify allows Chef's and Owners to easily control one of the three largest expenses that a restaurant has:  food purchasing. 
Take your ordering process into your own hands and sign up for Kitchify today.

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Restaurant Supplier Application
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