Kitchify helps restaurants reduce their foods costs and simplify their current vendor ordering process.

Kitchify. The essential question.

What can Kitchify do for me?

Kitchify is an online tool for restaurants, hotels, hospitals, campuses, or anybody that orders food, beverages, or paper and disposable items for their business to easily compare prices between all of their available vendors. Kitchify also simplifies the process of searching for new products that they may want to purchase for their business.

We look at it like this, if you’re searching for an airline flight, hotel room, or even looking at purchasing a car, you have easy access to websites that show you all of your available options and their prices. This creates competition for your business. Why is there not an affordable application for your restaurant kitchen or business to do the same thing? Kitchify solves that problem and is incredibly easy to use as Kitchify was designed by restaurant professionals for restaurant professionals.

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How does Kitchify work?

We build your first order guide for you in the same order as your current in-house order guide with the exact products you currently buy. Kitchify will automatically display a “$” next to all products where vendors are offering you a better price. You may be surprised at how many products you have been paying more for than a competing vendor. Each time you substitute a product with a more competitive price you are saving money and taking control of your purchasing decisions.

More FAQ's

No. We will not allow vendor's to see each other's pricing. Vendor's will, however, be able to see category and product purchases they are currently not getting from your business, allowing them to become more competitive with their pricing if they want your business.

Kitchify is currently fully operational across all desktop and laptop computers, tablets, mobile devices, and browsers.

Kitchify works for any vendor nationwide that either has online ordering OR emails you with spreadsheet pricing.

No. You are in complete control to purchase from any vendor connected to your account. We make it easy so see who has the best prices for the products on your order guide, but it’s entirely up to you who you choose to order from.

Kitchify does not collect payments for vendors. You will pay your vendors the same way that you currently do.

Under Reports, you will be able to easily pull up any orders that have been placed and either export them to Excel or into a PDF for an easily printed version for your use.

The portion of the order that was intended for each vendor will get emailed straight to your sales representative with each vendor. Sales representatives have the option to have multiple recipients of the orders as well as SMS text alerts each time they receive an order.

When clicking the search magnifying glass and entering the product you are looking for, once the product you want has been found simply click the button to add the product to your order guide. Drag and drop the product to where you would like it to be on your order guide or double click the product to directly place it in the desired section of your order guide.

Click the search magnifying glass located ON your order guide. This search function will only search products that are on the order guide. Click on the binoculars to jump from match to match on your order guide.

Simply turn 'on' the drag/drop function by clicking the button with the three horizontal lines. Then drag and drop products wherever you would like.

Simply click on the product on your order guide, enter the Nickname in the box, click on the red circle next to it to activate it to green and your done! To change back to the original vendor product description, simply click on the product again and change the red circle back to green next to the vendor description!

To the right of every product on your order guide you will see a checkmark if there are comparable products available that are not a better price than the item that is currently on your order guide. You can click the checkmark to view these products. If there is a comparable product that is a better price than the item currently on your order guide, the checkmark is replaced with a green '$' symbol. Clicking the '$' symbol will show you all of the comparable products in addition to the one that is a better price.

Yes. Click on the 'i' symbol next to each product to pull up additional product details and a graph of that product's pricing over time.

Yes. Simply select the Heart icon to the left of the product on your order guide and it will turn red. This red heart will remain next to that product alerting your team that you prefer to purchase this product versus alternatives. Comparable products will still be available to view, however, this visual aid alerts your team to not substitute for this product.

Kitchify breaks down the prices to the smallest price per unit to compare them.

We will charge your setup fee before building your order guide. Kitchify will not charge your monthly subscription until you have been completely set up with your first order guide.

We are so sure that you will love having the purchasing control you deserve with Kitchify, that we have a 'No questions asked', cancel anytime policy. Simply send us an email to to cancel your account. Please note that cancelling your account will delete all of your information, and should you ever want to join Kitchify again, your name would go into the queue just like an original signup and the process would start over again.

Yes. We can set up multiple users for the same account in order to separate tracking information for who is placing the orders. Simply let us know how many users you would like. Easily deactivate users and create new ones by submitting their information to us.

Yes. Click on Settings and then reports to customize a report over time by vendor, category, or specific product.

If you have an account with a cash and carry outlet and obtain a username and password to access your pricing, we can import their pricing to your Kitchify digital order guide as well. Orders for cash and carry outlets are simply emailed directly to you to print and take with you to the cash and carry outlet.

If you've been in the business as long as we have, you know that mistakes happen. You will handle any order mistakes the same way that you do now, by calling your representative for that particular vendor.

Yes. Your order guide can easily be exported into an Excel file by clicking on the clipboard icon and then selecting 'Export To Excel.'